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so #NBC have won the rights to #F1 coverage in the USA

The recent announcement that #SpeedF1 were to lose their rights to cover F1 racing in the USA was a big disappointment for me, for I had long enjoyed watching my F1 in their company on my American trips.

Those who follow the mutterings on this blog will know of my displeasure with Sky in the UK and my opposition to their taking on the coverage. My feelings on the BBC are also well documented here and I do not really miss watching F1 over here in my Wiltshire base, but F1 on Speed was always a joy with the wonderful David Hobbs balancing the commentary team.

What NBC will do with things remains to be seen. Hopefully I will be in the US again next April or May and will see what comes up, but they will have a hard act to follow. Of course if they show the races on NBC Sports that is pay to view and I wouldn’t watch that on the same principle that I wont watch F1 on Sky sports.

Speed does have a lot to delight the motor sport enthusiast in the US, especially in the panel shows and the wonderful Wind Tunnel show. If you’re over on business or vacation try to have a look. You’ll find something to watch on any evening.


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