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time to call time on New Jersey? OK, but leave the British GP alone & bring back France #F1

Rumours abound on whether or not the 2013 #USGP at New Jersey is on or off, so is it time to just pull the plug for next year?

F1 costs being what they are a decent element of that is the logistics necessary to cart the circus around, and with the amount of planning that has to go into that we can’t afford to have uncertainty, so should there be a cut off time for a yes or no decision? It is a difficult one because we already have a notional cut off in the announcement of the calendar, but that doesn’t stop a race being cancelled after the publication of the next series.

I suppose that where I have a problem with all of this is that, however genuine the promoter might be, we regularly have this on:off situation. Our opposition here to street races for F1 means that we aren’t fans of the proposed event in the Garden State anyway. If they want a race near the New York market then bring back the Glen (or make them demolish the posh houses and restore Bridgehampton!). OK, we understand that Watkins Glen is upstate NY, is a long trip and the roads aren’t too good and there aren’t too many hotels and all of the other feeble excuses, but F1 belongs, Monaco apart, on proper road courses and certainly not on US street circuits; the only half decent one they have ever really managed was Long Beach.

There you have it then; we are not fans of the New Jersey proposal and will not be sad if it does fall by the wayside, but what if it does? The date they have for Jersey fits nicely in behind Canada, so that makes sense, but rumours that Turkey would be resurrected to fill in seem daft because that would mean a trek from Montreal over to the far end of the Med and then back again for Silverstone. Even worse we hear that, if this were to be the case, then the British GP might be moved back a week.

Now we know folks who already have their holidays from work booked to fit in the annual pilgrimage to Northants, so mucking up our race is hardly likely to find favour here, so if we do have a gap in the calendar then what? We suggest that they either take a week off, that would keep costs down, or better still mobilise Bernie and bring back the French GP at Ricard so that we can have the classic sequence of French, British and German races.

Just a thought.


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