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IndyCar at it again? Firing Randy Bernard won’t help restore #Indycar

We wrote recently about IndyCar seeming to be hell-bent on self-destruction again (read that post here) and the rumour mill started up again as we ran into the weekend but, after various denials and a lack of comment, the Indianapolis Star ran this article yesterday.

It does seem that IndyCar just doesn’t want to raise its game and get back to a position of prominence in US auto racing. Randy Bernard had been good for the series and whilst there had been a few things go wrong and not everything that he did was popular, he was trying to connect the series with an audience and do positive things at a time when the economy has belt-tightening going on everywhere.

Perhaps his biggest sin was in dumping the hideous DeltaWing; who knows, but we wish him well in whatever he decides to do next. Losing him just after the mid-point in his contract is dumb, but that seems to be the norm in IndyCar: Perhaps they need to look over the fence and see what a dictatorship does for NASCAR, for after all they used to have one of their own, and in those days Indy pretty much ruled the roost.

PS:  When we checked the IndyCar web site this morning there was nothing about the Randy Bernard position. Why?


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