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the #F1 silly season winds down, but we still have three good drives available

The last few days have seen Renault confirm the Iceman and Sauber confirm the Hulk and then Torro Rosso elect to keep their existing line up, so 2013 is looking a bit clearer, but we still have some decent seats open.

The second birth at Renault ought to be Romain’s, for he has the speed and talent to do well. Sure he has made some mistakes this season, but it is easier to knock off a few rough edges and polish him up than otherwise. We hopoe that they keep him on for another year. If they don’t, could PDR make a move over from Force India? He would be a much better bet for them than some of the possible promotion candidates from lower formulae.

It might be an odd proposal, but Force India seem to have stalled in terms of progress and the difficulties that the team’s owner has been facing over another business interest, a problem that almost kept him away from his team’s home GP, are possibly indicative of other issues that might impact on the F1 team. If FI are going to slide backwards then Paul would be a good catch for Renault if they don’t want to keep Romain, not just for his race speed, but also for his development skills.

Force India have an open seat now anyway with Nico having gone over to Sauber. If our threory above is off the mark and the team make a step forward they make an attractive option and we still have the other Sauber ride undecided so, with the second Renault ride, there are three good cars there all of which should see the lucky occupants in a position to score points or get themselves onto the podium.

What will the coming weeks bring? The silly season may be winding down, but it ain’t over yet.


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