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indycar to go global in 2015?

News that IndyCar plans to widen its scope to other parts of the world is welcome. Given our comments earlier about the state of F1 the opportunity to have another single seater series on a global platform might focus F1 a little and get them to sharpen things up.

OK, there are those in F1 who will pour scorn on IndyCar as a bit second division and no threat. They may be right on the first point, for a spec chassis series is hardly in the same league as F1, but the problems with F1 are down to those who run it trying to manipulate the show and when it comes to putting on a show then IndyCar can teach F1 some lessons.

If IndyCar could ditch the daft looking cars (we think that they look like overdeveloped ride on grass mowers) and come up with something that looks like a racing car then they could start to pose a real threat regardless of how much posturing F1 folks make partake of, and there are a lot of top line drivers falling off the edge of F1 for reasons other than their ability behind the wheel.

So come on IndyCar, lets get some competition going and build your series into something that will draw a wider audience. A global series with the Indy 500 at its heart must be a winner. Bring it on!


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