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#F1 – will #McLaren’s rivals bring the sport into disrepute down under?

The rear suspension on the new McLaren has got their rival’s panties in a twist if we are to believe the news and there seems to be a likelihood that the car will be protested at the Australian Grand Prix.

If the media are to be believed these protest will come post race and, if successful, would see the McLaren’s excluded from he results. Now that is just stupid and brings F1 into disrepute for how can you have a car that passes scrutineering, qualifies, races and is only then protested? If there is a problem then the protests should come as soon as the scutineers  have passed it prior to practice.

By all means protest post race if the car has been changed, but not if it has been allowed to compete and has passed its post race checks. Keep F1 in the public eye by all means, but not by making yourselves look like idiots.


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