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#F1 primary colours

Despite the current crop of F1 cars having a variety of nose styles they still look very similar because of the regulations. Team colour schemes help to separate one team from another, but is it really necessary to have both team cars the same in this day and age?

Given the struggle for funding that many teams face the option to have each car with a different title sponsor might be a help to raise funds, for the cost of one car is obviously less than for two.

Sure there might be an issue in a team where there is a clear number one and number two driver, but differential pricing is an obvious answer.

Having team cars in different colours has a precedent; McLaren did with the Yardley and Texaco cars and it has been common in sports cars. NASCAR does it in spades, and they also encourage teams to run different liveries during the series, with special, one-off schemes a regular occurrence.

The daft idea of letting drivers have permanent numbers would make sense if the numbers were more prominent on the cars, and this might be more likely if the opportunity to sponsor cars individually were adopted.

Radical? Not really. Silly? Not really compared with some of the stupid ideas we have had inflicted on the sport, sorry, show.


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