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Fricking Stupid #F1 #FRIC

So not content with the dumb idea of standing re-starts we now have the ridiculous situation of F1’s rulers decision on the legality, or otherwise, of FRIC systems.

Now any sensible governing body would either allow something or ban it and whilst either action might cause a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth everyone would know where they stood and could get on with it. Not in F1 though; they come up with the idea of indicating that they want to ban it, but for now they will wait and see if anyone protests the use of it by another team.

The long and short of that is that, unless the teams manage some collective sanity and all agree the results of the next race will be, in all probability, decided in a tribunal weeks after the event. Now if we were being cynical we might just suppose that this might enable them to get the result that they want rather than the one that was decided on the track, but perhaps we are lurching into conspiracy theories here so we will let that go. But where is the leadership? If FRIC has been decided to be outside of the rules then ban it from a set date.

The grounds for banning it seem a bit tenuous in any case as it only performs a similar function to the anti-roll bar, albeit in a slightly more dynamic way and involving front to rear as well as side to side resistance, so what next; will an anti-roll bar be outlawed too?

F1 is going to the dogs. They are so concerned about the show that they are losing sight of the important aspects of running a sporting championship. Sad.


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