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more on the standing re-start for #F1

Given the desire to have standing restarts, even if Bernie is now saying that they won’t, why wait for the random element of the safety car?


Shorter races have less chance of becoming boring for the modern generation and their gnat like attention span so why not revive another old idea; two heats and a final.


One car from each team runs in each heat with the grid for the final decided by the heat results like we used to do in the years of my youth and yes, we did it in F1. If you don’t like the way that the heats are made up why not run qualifying as now and then have a toss of the coin; heads it’s one from each team in each heat or tails and it’s the odd number qualifiers (1st, 3rd, 5th etc) in heat one and the even numbers in the other.


Another option would be the two part race with the results decided on aggregate. Now that has been done before in the F1 world championship, and it is the way races that got red flagged and re-started worked.


I would be happy to see F1 go back to the 300km race distance myself, but there is no chance of that happening as the TV moguls would baulk at the thought of scheduling that in, but if they were to drop all of the jaw jaw we have to endure now before the race starts it could give us another hour of racing…



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