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will #Smoke rise again? #NASCAR

Accidents happen in motorsport, people get hurt and some are killed. That is a fact of life and, whilst we try and minimise that risk in today’s safety conscious society, it will always remain a risk. The loss of Kevin Ward jr the other week has started a storm on social media that defies belief. There are polarised views and although some voices of reason have tried to take a balanced view mob hysteria is rampant. 

Tony Stewart is an out and out racer whose passion for the sport is huge. To return to your roots and race dirt track cars knowing that you are very likely to get beat by the local amateurs is a sign of addiction to the sport, but also represents putting a lot back in for the fans will turn out to see the big star driver get his backside kicked and that puts money on the turnstiles and concession stands for these small town tracks. 

But after a night where a guy gets killed in those sort of circumstances, where is the fun? Has that incident taken away Smoke’s pleasure in suiting up and getting behind the wheel? That he stood down for a couple of races is no surprise, but he might just walk away from the sport entirely. 

If he does it will be an understandable response, but it will be a shame to see him go. The sport has lost Kevin Ward jr and regardless of the why’s and wherefores of that and whether or not the lad would ever have become more than just one of the faithful who turn out and race as often as they can afford racing is a family and we don’t like to lose any member. 

There are only losers here; the friends and families of those at the centre and the racing community as a whole. That a large proportion of the latter seem also to have lost their sense of reason is yet another loss and we all need to move on.




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