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FIAT/Chrysler flogging Ferrari?

News broke today that Ferrari were being sold, but as is so often the case the headline did bot reflect the full story.It cost quite a bit for FIAT to buy Chrysler; it was a heavily geared purchase and so flogging off Ferrari to help redress the balance might seem like a good idea, but in fact it is only 10% of the company that is proposed for floating.

What the news has done though is to give a boost to FIAT/Chrysler share prices, and maybe that is one of the main reasons behind the news? Who knows, and even more pertinent, who cares? I doubt that any of the Tifosi will be able to own a slice of their beloved and the effect on the F1 team will be negligible.

But is has got some headlines and given the parent company value a boost; PR is PR after all.


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