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Ferrari’s extra #F1 payout is not deserved

Much has been made of the way the F1 world championship pays out these days and the extra share that Ferrari get for being who they are has got some fans mad and the Tifosi happy because, hey, it’s Ferrari and where would F1 be without them, but let’s just look at that a little.Yes Ferrari were with F1 from the start of the world championship and they have competed in every season which is something that nobody else came claim, but they have not been at every race along the way. Any time that the going has got a bit tough prior to the current era the red cars have been to do a runner. 1966 British Grand Prix; no Ferraris for example and you will find many other occasions where they failed to turn up, often blaming metalworkers for a strike or similar industrial unrest, but the reality was that them team were in bad order and couldn’t be bothered to turn up. Look at 1961 where they didn’t even allow their new world champion to run one of their cars at his home grand prix.

In 1969 they went through the season with only one car at most of the races that they honoured with their attendance and in most years leading through to the late 1960s where Le Mans took precedence over F1 and the red cars did much better in the second half of most seasons.

OK they have been a permanent presence for many years now, but would F1 fall apart without them? No it wouldn’t as it has ably demonstrated on many previous occasions. So our view is that the bonus they now enjoy should be stripped and they should get what they earn on the track.


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