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musings on the weekend’s racing 8/9 November 2014 #F1 #NASCAR

A few thoughts on Interlagos and Phoenix.

Down in Brazil Nico beat Lewis all weekend and for all that Lewis said about him being quicker once he had spun all Nico needed to do was to manage his tyres whilst controlling the gap and keeping Lewis out of DRS range and that was what he did. Lewis will almost certainly still win the title out in the desert, but yesterday he had to make do with second fiddle over all three days.

Felipe Massa delighted his fans with third despite a couple of minor errors. What was he really doing in the McLaren pit? Asking them if they would make Jenson back off and let him have a home podium, or was he pointing out that he was quicker than Fernando and would they like to hire him instead. With his sense of humour who knows.

JB did well to get fourth and possibly it is an element of sticking two fingers up at his team, but if he is going elsewhere it’s great to see him go out in style.

A bit further north in Phoenix the NASCAR series ground its way towards the showdown in Homestead. We have crusaded against the Chase format since they brought it in, but this latest incarnation is just so artificial that is beggars belief. Individual races can still be worth watching if you like racing, but the desperate tactics that certain drivers have shown because of the new format for the title race has turned races into something more akin to demolition derbies. It would serve them right if the four that they have left in contention were all to crash and be out on the first lap in Florida. That won’t happen, but it is what those behind this piece of WWF style manipulation deserve; race fixing has no place in sport so when you see the organisers not just manipulating races through spurious competition cautions, but now trying to fix a championship it is little short of disgraceful. And the same applies to the double points business in F1.

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