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So who has the best #F1 driver pairing for 2015?

McLaren have finally got off the fence, named their 2015 line up and claim to have the best pairing, but have they?

Jenson and Fernando are not the only duo to both have world titles to their names, and with just three titles between them they fall short of the Ferrari camp where Kimi’s one plus Seb’s four equals five titles.

Yes the Woking Wonders make an impressive claim, but just down the road from us the boys from Grove are not exactly slouches even if world titles are not on their CVs and a bit further on at Brackley the three pointed star mob have a sharp pair themselves; look at this season.

Red Bull have Danno and Danno, one having comprehensively blown away the wonder kid of the last four years this season and the other looks promising if unproven.

So we should be in for some fun next year. Mercedes will be quick again and so will Williams. The Honda package is unlikely to be a flop, McLaren seemed to have moved forward on the chassis/aero front as the season closed out so they should be towards the front and Red Bull will not be far off; they were the only other winner this year.

So has Ron got the best driver pairing? It’s very close, but looking at all of the variables our view is yes, just. All they need do now is give them a decent ride.



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  1. Over 500 Grand Prix between them, I’d say as an all round line up? Yes, both Alonso and and Button are complete all round racers, differing styles, but I believe McLaren can work around that. Merc and Williams also have a great line up, Kimi at Ferrari to me doesn’t have his heart in it as much as he once did back in his earlier days, Vettel will carry Ferrari to me, Ferrari need someone like Hulkenberg. The rest of the teams have developing line ups to me.

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