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Jules Bianchi accident report #F1

The official report on Jules’ crash in Japan has resulted in some, not unexpected, nonsense on the web.

Social media is not somewhere that you are likely to find much informed debate and some of the hysteria the panel’s findings generated underlined that.

It was clear at the time that he was going too fast with an area of the track under caution so that news was hardly a surprise. That there may have been a control software issue as well needs further investigation, but the panel’s report was thorough and to the point.

It is very sad that F1 has lost such a talent for he is not likely to drive at the top level again, if at all, but the telemetry tells the story.

Those who scream that the recovery vehicle should not have been deployed miss an obvious point; what if someone had hit Sutil’s car during the interval? The consequences of such an accident could have been equally savage.

We learn as we go and as long as we take rational steps to improve there is hope, but motor racing is dangerous and that element, whilst much reduced from where we were for my generation and before, will never be entirely eliminated unless we get to remote controlled cars running in a virtual environment. Who wants that?



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