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Woking Woes #F1

News that McLaren have failed to decide next year’s driver line up at their board meeting today is beyond comprehension.

Something is seriously wrong with the management if they cannot manage to sort this out. Of course we do know that there is a power struggle going on and that Ron is trying to buy back shares to gain overall control so perhaps that is why there has been no decision. We have to assume therefore that there is a split decision amongst those currently in control as to whom they want in the cars next season, and whilst the fan’s views are not relevant here; it is a company decision not a popular vote, the overall impression is that they couldn’t organise a bonk in a brothel and perhaps that is why progress with the car has been so slow this year.

We know that Ron is a racer at heart and that he can put together winning teams; look what he did before turning McLaren around and up until he was forced out in the spat with the double M. Perhaps if he can regain sole control things will improve; let’s hope so.

It is sad to see a young driver of Kevin’s calibre potentially being wasted, even more sad to see Jenson being treated in this way after all that he has contributed, and saddest of all to see Bruce’s legacy in hands such as these.


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