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F1 gaining a halo

Seeing pictures of the Ferrari wearing its halo during the formula one testing was encouraging, at least in terms of someone trying it out as a concept. News that Red Bull might try a so called Batmobile style canopy alternative is also a good move if it comes to fruition.

Whilst we are not fans of any sort of closed cockpit for F1 we understand that these things need to be explored so for teams to try them out does enable the sport to get an understanding of the pros and cons. Perhaps that input will influence any possible change to the regulations.

Recently we sold an original photo of the start of the 1967 Belgian GP at Spa. There the top of most driver’s helmets were above the top of the roll hoop (and most were not wearing seat belts). And that was on the old Spa circuit, Masta straight and all with few barriers and to illustrate the danger Mike Parkes ended his F1 career when his Ferrari went off on oil dropped by Jackie Stewart’s BRM H16 at Blanchiment. Parkes was thrown out as the Ferrari rolled along the bank beside the track and badly damaged his legs.

Motor racing was truly dangerous back then and we don’t want to go back to that time so making the cars safer is important and if that means halos or similar then so be it.

One intriguing thing about this is how it will affect the aero packages and no doubt it will be another area of possible controversy as differing solutions arise. Someone will come up with a demon idea that gives them an advantage until the others catch up.




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