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F1 qualifying changes

The proposed changes to qualifying for a Grand Prix seemed straightforward enough on paper, at least in the sense that you could see what was intended would happen.

However, the result for the fans might not be so easy to follow at the track. Yes there will be the big screens at places around the circuit where they could display the live timing, but you don’t go to the track to watch a timing screen do you? Similarly for the fan watching at home you could have the live timing taking up part of the picture, but that reduces the space for you to see the cars and if you are watching the timing you’re not watching the cars.

Quite what the real point of it is is not that clear. Yes itt would throw up random results from race to race as some of the quicker cars or drivers get caught out, but if you consider the impact of yellow flags or changing weather and things could get very chaotic. Maybe the powers that be see that as increasing the excitement as any faster car forced to start way down the grid has to fight their way through; a sort of random handicap perhaps.

There seems to be much opposition from the drivers and it was obviously a bit of a knee jerk decision because they have had to postpone the introduction while they sort out the technology. That is not clever, but is maybe symptomatic of the poor leadership in the sport today. Now it seems we are back to the original proposal and starting to use it from the Australian GP this month.

For us it all smacks of pandering to the entertainment lobby rather than the sporting one. As we are in the latter camp we don’t like the idea.


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