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F1 on an Oval? Why not?

That tracks have changed for safety reasons is unarguable; it had to happen, but I can’t get excited about so many of the circuits that are raced on these days. Then reading something the other day struck a chord with me. Continue reading

are the yanks are coming back to F1?

News that two or three American outfits are looking at running an F1 team is good news, for if Formula One wants to retain its standing as the pinnacle of motorsport it ought to have more representation from the USA. Continue reading

on the eve of a new USGP, where have all the US drivers and teams gone?

Here we are on the eve of a new American Grand Prix which is good to see, even if the circuit design is another bit of a nonsense and there is a dearth of US involvement in F1 these days to drive support for the race. So where have they all gone? Continue reading


Bernie wants more US #F1 races does he?

News that the diminutive one is up for more races in the US seems a but strange given that he has been willing to turn his back on such a large market for the last few years.

But never mind, things are looking up a bit with the prospect of having two GPs in the US soon, a bit like the old days of the US GPs East and West.

The problem that we have is in the venues; Monaco is Monaco, but other city street races are a bit of a nonsense. Valancia and Singapore are not really that good, the Aussies make do, but if we want to run on a decent track down under why not Bathurst? (OK we have our tongue in cheek a bit there, but at least it’s a good circuit).

The US has some cracking venues; the Indy GP circuit is a bit of a mishmash maybe, but it is Indy, and then there are Road America, Sears Point, Laguna Seca or Road Atlanta all of which are good tracks. Heck, we could even take the US GP back to its old home in Sebring! Any of those would be better to watch than plugging away around the grid road system of a US city (remember the lunacy of the car park grand prix?).

Toggle and I would love to see F1 back in the US, but if we truly want to grow the market surely we have to present F1 at its best, and scrabbling about the back streets is not the way to go. F1 is at its best on flowing circuits with a couple or three decent places to pass. We can’t let them have Spa perhaps, but, with the exception of Sebring, all of the US tracks named above do have elevation changes and a good range of corners.

For Bernie to be talking about having the Manhatton skyline as a backdrop is all very well, but we want people watching cars.

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