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Weekend round up 30 August 2010 #F1 #Indycar #NASCAR

F1 Belgian GP. So Spa throws up another wild card race. Shame that the Mineral Water Kid took out JB, but there you go. Cobbler Snr went well in the Mercedes and good to see him smiling at the end, even after losing out to his team mate.

Indycars. Shame about Will Power’s fuel problems over in Chicago. That is a big hit in points terms, but he did well on an oval, so let’s see how the season pans out over the last three races. Well done also to Sarah Fisher for leading a few laps even if it was because of a different fuel strategy. Good to see her out front, the first woman to get an Indycar pole, and first to stand on the podium.

NASCAR. Nothing doing on the Sprint cup this weekend. It pains me a lot to mention the Animal (see earlier blogs for why), but he won the Nationwide event north of the border. JV only managed third; doesn’t bode well for an F1 comeback in 2011 does it?

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