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Weekend round up 23 August 2010 #NASCAR #DTM #BTCC #F1 #indycar

So Shrub (small Busch) got a couple at Bristol. Can’t stand the boke myself, but there you go. Good job Rootie for a fine second despite helath issues, and best wishes for a full recovery to Brian Vickers after his heart surgery. Hopefully you can come back next season and take up where you left off. The Double M had another bad night and is now just over 100 points out of the Chase; doesn’t look like he’s gonna make it. Shame. I’m looking forward to being over next month and seeing some racing on TV in my den plus all of the other round up shows.

Another strong UK day for the DTM boys and girls at Zandvoort. Well done GP and PdR for a great one two. Audi in trouble over team orders! Where would this championship be without them (I know they have ruled them out, but come on)?

Also on the team order front the outher double M has apparently said that Ferarri, Alonso and Massa should all lose their points from the German GP. Personally I think that this is nonsense. The most that should happen is that the result should be reversed, but I don’t care if they just tell them that they’ve been naughty and don’t do it again. There wouldn’t have been much of a fight if Alonso had had to make the pass unaided as he was so much quicker by that stage. The only possible other outcomes were that; a) they would have had eachother off, or b) that they would have slowed themselves down a bit and allowed Vettel to catch them. Ah! That must have been it; they wanted a German to win the German GP! Stupid of me not to have thought of that. Oh, yes. How do team orders not come into play when you want to take a part off one car and put it on the other one? Answers on a postcard please.

Fords rule at the Silverstone BTCC. I just can’t get excited about these hatchbacks pushing each other off. It’s not really racing to me somehow.

Will Power dominant in Sonoma. Looking good for the title Will; all ovals from now, so keep it going. Simona de Silvestro impressive again even if a couple of incidents left the final result looking less worthy.

Spa next week for the Belgian GP. One of the better tracks even if it’s a bit shorter than it used to be, and why oh why do they continue the stupidity of releasing an F1 pack of the start and into the slowest corner on the track? Why not move the start back round La Source and let them charge off down to Eau Rouge like in the old days? Anyway, it’s been a wet August so far so what are the chances of a wet race next Sunday? Should shake things up a bit.


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