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Weekend round up 31 October 2010 #NASCAR #DTM #F1

#DTM Heck of a wreck for Alex Premat, but good to hear that he walked away. The series lead changes again, so all to play for still at the top of the table.

#NASCAR All the fun of the fair at Talledega. Good to see Junior doing his stuff at the head of the field for a time, but what was all that between him and Burton? Wasted day. Also good to see Front Row Joe do a great job in qualifying and got a lap led. His home town of Lakeland is just up the road from my place in Fla, so he sort of got adopted back in ’93 as my local driver and we’ve followed his fortunes since. Shame he got in wreck so close to the finish.

So, with the wreck at the whiteflag, it looks like Bowyer has the win by inches over Harvick, with Johnson edging Hamlin for seventh (at the time of writing). That should put the #48 just 10 points ahead of the #11 in the title race by my reckoning. (I’ll update this later when we get a provisional result). The Dinger is apparently OK after getting flipped as the white flag flew. JPM a good 4th.

#F1 Comings and goings at Williams? I’d like to see the Hulk get another season. He is a promising talent and hasn’t been shown up that much by the Barrow Boy.


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