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weekend round up – 10th April 2011 #F1 #NASCAR #Indycar

#F1 #MalaysianGP – has Shorty been at it again? There used to be a time when I could get up at my usual time and find these Far East races to watch before everyone else got up and in the way, but not today. Start put back so that it works better for the lazy sods and TV no doubt. Oh well.

The race? Well a good win for Vettel, with intelligent drives from Button, Heidfeld, Webbo and Massa to round out the top five. Those two great pals from their McLaren days both in trouble, but they are two of the best racers out there and both handled the outcome of this one with dignity, so top marks both for battling and for taking the penalties on the chin.

Just a thought, but the team right at the back of the grid are named after a treatment for menopausal women; would a name change give them a second or two a lap?

#NASCAR – A good win for Matt Kenseth and a strong Blue Oval showing over both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races. Well done Digger for a top ten as well. The man from down under is getting there.

#IndyCar – Over at Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama another Aussie was doing pretty well as Will Power dominated the event. Can he pull off the title this year? He’s going the right way again, and is the best on the twisty tracks, but needs to bang in some more consistent good results on the ovals.


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