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weekend round up 17 April 2011 #F1 #NASCAR #Indycar

#F1 Chinese GP – What a race! Hats off to both Hamilton and Webbo for heroic drives, well done Vettel, Rosberg and Massa for decent runs, to JB for a good early run and then adding a bit of comedy in the pits (did he fancy Seb’s tyres, or did he think that the Red Bull boys might be quicker on the stop?) and finally to whoever the Alonso look-alike was; lets face it, 7th place for a stand in isn’t half bad.

#IndyCar at Long Beach – Will Power still owns qualifying on road and street tracks, but got punted off by Helio and could only manage 10th as Mike Conway picked up a great maiden win.

#NASCAR – all the fun of the fair at Talladega and another fantastic finish with just 0.145s covering the first eight. Watch the last two laps here. What is it with the Busch boys? Even I have to admit that, even if they are both pretty ugly, they have talent as drivers, so why are they so often found shoving people off? I’ve never forgiven Busch major for punting Mr Excitement off at Dover (and that was years ago). After a Hendrick blitz in qualifying, they come up 1-3-4-8 in the photo finish.


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