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weekend round up – 10th July 2011 #F1 #NASCAR #Indycar

#F1 – So Alfonso pulls one off for the Prancing Horse with you know who second. Was it a great race? I missed it; just saw the first lap and JB’s botched pit stop, so make up your own minds. One thought on the new Silverstone; why have they put the pits in a trench? I mean we all know that they’re called the pits because they used to be holes in the ground, but, whilst I love retro stuff, isn’t that all a bit silly?

#NASCAR – At least the crowds apparently got in and out of the British GP without too much trouble, but Kentucky? All sorts of trouble apparently. And those that did get in had to watch the younger Ugly Brother win and then spend hours getting out again. Not a good result for any of my boys other than a good second for Rootie.

#IndyCar – Dario shoves WP off and out to take the win in Toronto. Naughty, naughty, but he got away with it and stretches his title lead.


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