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weekend round up – 24th July 2011 #F1 #NASCAR #IndyCar

Having changed things around with our social media activity at the start of the month, and launching a Twitter account dedicated to this blog plus a link to a general motoring blog, we decided to stop the weekend round ups and just tweet pages from Autosport and other sources. However, several readers have asked where the roundups had gone and many thanks to those for their interest, especially the one who asked if Trucker Tog and I were still OK.

So we’re back, and here goes.

#F1. Well the Lewis of old is back and very welcome he is. A truly dominant win – the finish may have been close, but it was never really in doubt from the first corner. Lewis was on a mission and wasn’t going to let anyone by. Not sure who the Seb imposter was though.

#IndyCar. Over in Edmonton there was another return to form as the Toowoomba Kid was back in town after a couple of dnfs. We are rooting for him to take the title this year. He really should have nailed it in 2010, but maybe coming from behind will be the spur this time round.

#NASCAR – the big boys had a weekend off, so no Sprint Cup action, but we will be back on the trail next week at Indy no less for the Brickyard 400.

TT or I will be back next week, and we are also trying to catch up on some of the promised Setting the Record Straighrt posts – not enough hours in the day at the moment.


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