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The eBay shop has been revived!

I have been collecting stuff since my early schooldays, and whilst a lot of the early stuff went missing as a result of parental clear outs and another lot from a divorce I have kept on collecting over the years.

I started to sell off some things on eBay about 10 years ago and have traded there sporadically since then, but the time has come to get serious and so I have opened an eBay shop and will be working my way over the coming weeks through a couple of hundered items earmarked for disposal.

Much of what will be offered is automotive, or at least transport, related, but there will be other gems there too as and when I come across them or when the Berkshire Belle elects to offer me something of hers to sell.

there is a link to the shop web site on the blog roll or you can go straight to it here: The Driver John shop on eBay.


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