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Racing, or not, in the rain

Keeping an eye on the NASCAR as I sit here this evening, but rain in the Poconos has stopped the action and the weather prediction is that more rain will arrive just as the track is dry enough to go out again.

For those of in the world where motor racing originated, the though of stopping for rain is something of an anathema, but I do understand why they would not want to race in the rain on an oval. However, surely it is not beyond the skill set to run on flat tracks like Pocono and road circuits?

NASCAR stockers are hefty beasts, but it isn’t as though we haven’t had big and heavy cars racing in the wet before. It’s all about the skill of the drivers. OK, the NASCAR lot aren’t used to it and don’t get any practice (other than the likes of JPM and a few who have come through series where racing in the rain is normal), but surely we could let them have a go? They have in the Nationwide series after all.



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