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Weekend round up 31 July 2011 – #F1 #NASCAR

#F1 What a great win for JB! A shame for Lewis, but JB did better in the conditions and had better feel for what grip there was. Second for Seb moved him further ahead in the title race; who can catch him now? And didn’t MSC lead part of a lap? We hope all of the personnel enjoy their well earned break.

#NASCAR Well done Paul Menard and the #27 Crew. There was a time when I thought that PM was someone with more wallet that talent, but he’s proved me wrong many times since and my respect for his abilities have grown as he has quietly got on with driving the car well. A win has been on the cards for a couple of years now, so it’s great to see him finally get one and where better to grab your first one than Indy?

So, wins for two good blokes. Not a bad weekend.

DJ has moaned all weekend about the F1 Sky/BBC deal with his #skypaynoway campaign, so I’ll not drag than one on myself.


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