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Our Gloucester Antiques Centre space

Well, we are up and running at Gloucester Antiques Centre and have a good range of stock there. We do have a little more work to do on our space to enable us to display pictures, signs and similar items better on the back wall, but we are pleased with the start that we have made.

Our eBay shop is still very much in business and part of our long term plans, but having the space at Gloucester allows us to offer some of the items that are less appropriate for on line selling, especially those that folks are more likely to want to see and touch before they buy.

The next stage in the development of our selling plans is to look at taking a stand at either events or collector’s fairs (or both). Part of the dilemma is that we have such a diverse range that we’re not sure where to make a start. We will research things carefully before making a choice, and will be sure to publicise things well once we make a decision. For now though we need to focus on looking at how the Gloucester experiment shapes up and to keep the eBay store going.

At the moment we have no plans to change the web site into an on-line shop; the eBay site works well for us in that sense now, but we are looking at adding a facility on the web site to download lists of items and we have been setting up a database of stock from which we can create .pdf files for people to access. Customer feedback on this would be welcome so please do let us know what you would like to see.


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