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stop nagging; we know!

Yes, we know that we need to get on with writing some more of our Setting the Record Straight series, and we will try to dust off the research on the James Hunt v David Morgan story and also the 1966-69 story of Fords at Le Mans so that we can get those stories on here.

The Jim Clark story needs to be updated a little in the light of Alan Mann’s book as he has cast new light on the issue of why Clark and Hill were at Hockenheim and not driving one of his F3Ls at Brands. I will try and get that story updated fairly quickly.

One of the reasons for the writing lagging a little is that a lot of effort has gone into the shop which took off a lot more quickly that I expected it to, but there are a lot of you out there who like to collect memorabilia and it takes time to catalogue things and process the packing and despatching of items. We have made new friends in the USA, Russia, Finland, France, Germany and Greece in the last month alone and that’s great, but it does leave less time for writing.

The other thing that has taken time up over the last six months has been the research for a new book. We’ll keep the story to ourselves for the moment, but we have an F1 book coming together that we hope to be able to publish in 2014. More on that as it comes together, but research takes longer than writing and memories are not good enough on their own; we need to make sure that we have the historical accuracy and we also need to find some good photos to help the take along.

The virtual shops are to be augmented by a real shop as we have told in a separate blog so look out for more news on that too.

Thanks for sticking with us.


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