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so Truex out, Newman in as MWR are penalised, but don’t NASCAR manipulate races too?

So NASCAR have penalised MWR for their actions in manipulating the race results last weekend at Richmond. Fair enough, but it was only a case of team orders being used to change both the race result and the outcome of the championship and that sort of things is as old as racing; it got banned in F1 for a while before being re-instated as a tactic, so were MWR wrong?

Well they were according to NASCAR and that is all that matters because the ruling body rules with a big stick, but what happens next time NASCAR fix a race result? What is going to be the penalty when they stink up a race with a competition caution with 25 or 30 laps to go when someone has the field beat that day?

You can’t have your cake and eat it NASCAR. If you don’t like a team working for each other in the decider race what about through the rest of the season? What about someone letting a team mate get their lap back, or blocking for a team mate, or giving them a push? Were does it end?

Commiserations to Martin Truex Jr and congratulations to Ryan Newman. I can see both sides on this one and both drivers are good guys, but consider this; he Chase is a cynical manipulation of the season and without it we wouldn’t have had the incident at Richmond.

A decision has been made and the penalty accepted with dignity by the team concerned, but a precedent has been set and I don’t think that it is a good one. The ruling body has penalised a team for something that they do themselves at will; manipulating the outcome of the race (and the season). If you don’t want race fixing then set an example and don’t do it yourself.


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