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Red Bull fuel sensor issues

Interesting to read the comments on the F1 Times about Red Bull and the fuel sensor problem.

According to the article (read it here) one possible cause is a chemical in the Total fuel make up that may be breaking down an O ring seal in the sensor causing it to fail. They are also looking at a modification to the sensor that some of the teams, including RB, are making that may also be detrimental to the sensor. Modifications are banned from the next GP in Spain and there is a watch-this-space approach to how that goes.

The statement that if the ban on modifications does not stop the failures fro RB then Total will be asked to change their fuel make up seems bizarre; surely it would be easier to change the O ring for something resistant. That has to be a cheaper option. Much as I dislike the way that RB operate in many ways, asking their fuel supplier to change the fuel seems an unnecessary penalty.


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