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some old fashioned #NASCAR action, so no penalties please

After last weekend’s Richmond race Casey Mears started a shoving match with Marcus Ambrose, but in a break with recent custom and practice this was a throwback to earlier times. Instead of banging cars on the slowdown lap or in pit lane this confrontation was in the pits and the pushing ended with Ambrose punching his adversary in the face. Settling disputes thus may well bring sanctions and penalties from the governing body, but let’s face it this was a good old fashioned NASCAR way of settling an argument and much more fitting that banging cars around on the track.

No this was an old fashioned, helmets off, way off settling things and neither driver should face sanction in our opinion. If anything they should get a percentage of the gate and TV money from the next race as a reward for raising the sport’s profile, for don’t forget that one of the key milestones in NASCAR history, and a turning point in making it what it is today, was the trackside punch up between Cale and Donnie (with a guest appearance from Bobby) 40 odd years ago.

The next time one of the Ugly Brothers (K & K) or anyone else starts ramming someone on the track give them a one race ban by all means, but man to man stuff; let it pass.



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