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the #F1 silly season drags on

The F1 silly season seems much more drawn out this year and we still lack answers about who is going where in 2015.

We know that Vettel is out of Red Bull, but it still isn’t formally known that he is going to Ferrari. The latter have also not made it clear that Alonso is out of the door either, for Luca’s words are those of an ex-employee.

Fernando is reported to have said various things about where he is going if you believe the screaming headlines, but when you read the article there is no real news, just speculation and rehashing of quotes from other sources and often days, if not weeks, out of date.

Williams have settled there line up and so have Red Bull, but up at the front end of the grid that, plus Kimi in one of the red cars, is about all we know.

We will know when the teams tell us and everything else is pointless speculation.



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