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three car #F1 teams are a good idea

Three car teams is a good idea as far as we are concerned, and we would be happy to see them on a random basis.

By that we mean that teams could run a third car as and when they like. The only race where this would be a problem would be Monaco, so that could be a sole exclusion.

To stop tactical use of the third car to spoil other team’s chances in either the driver’s or manufacturer’s championships it could be simply ruled that only the first two cars from any team score points at the end of the race.

It would give race experience to up and coming drivers and, as used to happen, a local hot shoe could have a run at their home race.

The idea┬áhas plenty of positives and no negatives in our view, but of course the way that Bernie and the teams have structured the option for three car teams gives none of the above benefits. The precise rules seem shrouded in vagaries at the moment, but you can bet that they won’t make sense to the true enthusiast.


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