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have we lost the #F1 minnows?

News from the back of the grid over the last week or so has not been good.We have probably seen the last of Caterham and now it looks as though Marussia have gone the same way and that is no good for the sport. With the stupidity of those in power saying on the one hand that they wan to cut costs and on the other hand the leeches trying to drag yet more fees out of the folks who, allegedly, are queuing up to run races very little about F1 makes any sense these days.

The calendar as we have it for next year is idiotic with no cohesive schedule to minimise travel so what incentive is there for a new team to come in?

Sad times.


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  1. It’s a good point. F1, like most sports, really is starting to concentrate on the heavyweights and forget about the rest of the teams, ‘sad times’ is definitely the right turn of phrase.

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    The link is http://www.thesportspace.org if you would like to take a look. We would need roughly one post a week from you (feel free to post on both your own blog and this), and could link back to your own personal blog. The Sport Space is still a relatively new blog, but gains readers in over 70 different countries, so this is a great chance to join a growing blog and a growing team.

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