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Is the #NASCAR Charter good news?

So NASCAR have, unsurprisingly, brought in a charter system for their premier series. This was widely expected, but is it good news for the fans?

We think that it is a good move forwards. The benefits will be in terms of a degree of certainty for the teams that make a serious effort in ensuring that they make the show come race day. Yes it does put the underdog teams who don’t have a charter at greater risk, but this is no longer a run what you brung series; it is highly professional racing and costs a lot of money. The last thing that you want is to have your sponsor bring along a ‘bus load of guests only to find that their car didn’t make the show.

Reducing the total number of starters by three also helps to eliminate the risk of starting money specials. Of course some of the non charter teams may still qualify for one of the four available spots and the drop out after a few laps with a “vibration” or similar, but for some time now there have often only been forty runners after thirty or so laps anyway, so making it official makes sense.

We often criticise NASCAR in these blogs, but this time we are with them. If only we could see them ditch the ludicrous Chase we’d be happy.


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