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whatever happened to great looking sports prototypes?

Looking at the Rolex 24 at Daytona the other weekend brough home the sharp contrast between the iconic 1967 photo of two Ferrari P4s and a P3/4 in that formation finish.

The next year Porsche copied their more Southerly rivals with the long tailed 907s, but if you contrast the look of those magnificent cars against the current crop of LMP vehicles (I cannot bring myself to call the cars) aren’t they ugly beasts these days?

The fins make them look like delivery trucks from the side and those front fenders look like they are on backwards. OK so aerodynamics play their part in how the cars look and everyone is on roughly the same path which I why they all look the same, but it takes away the spectacle.

There hasn’t been a really good looking prototype for around 10 years or more; who knows when we’ll start to see them again? Meanwhile we’ll just open up a copy of one of our library of books on the classic era…


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