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So Bernie wouldn’t pay to watch F1?

Mr E has been in the press this week on the state of F1 and, as is often the case, has been stirring the pot. But how much notice should we be taking?

His interview came on the eve of testing starting in Barcelona, so it might well be that he was just looking to get F1 into the media; after all what he says is always news. He says, amongst other things, that he wouldn’t pay to watch F1 at the moment and perhaps it is fortunate that he doesn’t have to. On the other hand, is he right?

We would say no. F1 is pretty healthy at the moment and there is the potential for a bit of a shake up, if only in the middle order. Yes Mercedes should be strong and the Barcelona testing suggests that they have a bullet proof car even if they haven’t yet shown their hand on outright speed.

Ferrari are looking good, McLaren seem to have made steps forward from the back, Manor have moved up as was expected  with Mercedes power, the Haas car has run, Renault have had a shaky start, but they are in the mix. Other that the mists that surround Force India and the potential for problems if the financial puzzle over their true ownership needing resolution we should be in for an interesting first round down under next month.

Sure there are problems, and they will not go away any day soon, but there is a lot to be positive about and, at least for the start of the season, there is something worth buying a ticket to see.

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