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Stewart Haas to move to Ford in 2017

News that SHR are moving over to the Blue Oval comes as a bit of a shock, but with Smoke retired by then I suppose the one true objector will be out of the way.Those old enough will remember the disquiet over Joe Gibbs moving his NASCAR teams from Bow Ties to Toyota and that being an underlying cause of Tony Stewart moving on. Goodness knows how he will react to the news of the team switching for Fords? Did he know and that prompted his retirement? Or has his leaving the sport opened the door for the team? The press release suggests that he is on-side with the decision, but would it say anything else?

Maybe we’ll never know how he truly feels, but it will be interesting to see how the team does in its tie up with the Roush Yates power plants. It will also see a radical power shift with four well run (if not always driven) cars moving over to the Ford camp. The knowledge pool for the Penske and Petty teams will get deeper and although the former are quick in their own right having the SHR people in the fold must provide some benefit.

Interesting times…



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