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Success ballast in F1!

The suggestion that F1 might adopt success ballast is horrifying. Sure it works to enliven some series, in particular tin top racing, but surely not in F1.Handicapping should have no part of F1; it should be open competition and if one team, or driver, can dominate for a while well that’s what competition is about; you are supposed to find ways to be better and it should be spurring the others on to beat the top dog.

It is a bit like our views on the Chase over in NASCAR (where they have now screwed up the truck series by tainting it). The Chase takes away the rewards for being better over a season; success ballast will take away the rewards for being better.

Perhaps all of this is symptomatic of dumbing down the sporting aspects in favour of entertainment for the mindless. Whatever it is we hope that one day NASCAR will revert to proper racing and that the people responsible for F1 will drop the success ballast idea as quickly as they did double points.


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