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Weekend round up 29 January 2011 #F1 #NASCAR #speedweeks

#NASCAR. Not long now before we get the season rolling, but what have they done to the points? Seems a remarkably pointless (pun intended) revision and I can’t really see much in the way of benefit. All it seems destined to do is to make it very crowded with lots of people on the same totals. Oh well, I doubt that it will change the spectacle.

#Speedweeks. Good to get the racing year under way with the Rolex 24 (or Daytona Continental as I still think of it). Sports car racing doesn’t appeal to me that much these days, but news of racing having started up at Daytona always makes it feel like the season has started and we’re back in business. Shame that they’ve spend three hours or so under caution due to fog. Spoils it all a bit.

#F1. Nice to see Paul Di Resta rewarded with an F1 drive and I hope that he does well. I’m always pleased to see talent getting a chace over chequebook. Less impressed with commentary team changes at the BBC though, but I always turn the sound down when I watch anyway. Maybe with all the clever tricks we’ll be able to keep the track sound and lose the commentary one day.

I’ll be a bit sad if F1 loses the Australian GP but, if Melbourne don’t want it anymore, it could go back to Adelaide. The Antipodes have provided motor sport with some great drivers and cars, so I’d like to see them stay in F1.


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