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Mutterings on the eve of the Daytona 500

TruckerToggle and I are looking forward to the weekend for the two Daytona Duels behind us and some indication of form emerging fro our favourite racing series. News that Danica has won pole for the Nationwide race today should be good for the sport in raising interest, but well done to her for coming back after that nasty smack on the las lap of her duel Thursday; the lady has guts as well as speed and talent and we wish her well.

The #NASCAR flagship event on Sunday we’ll be following on the internet as usual as we won’t do pay to view, but we’d rather be there in person. The 1996 500 was my first NASCAR race and I have fond memories of that day.

Also blacked out will be F1; my Sky Sports package is cancelled in protest over the F1 coverage and I’ll not watch any of the BBC coverage unless I’m really desperate. The internet will do for me for that as well and, in any case, the new generation of cars look seriously ugly.

#F1 testing has shown the usual mix of times, but it is the qualifying sessions at the race that matter so we’ll wait for that to see what the real performamnce levels are.

On the subject of ugly cars, the new generation of #IndyCar bolides are pretty odd looking too. The need for safety improvements is not denied, but we’re not too sure what a flock of these are gloing to look like on the track together. We’ll know soon enough.

So here we go; the 2012 season is go!


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