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time to call time on New Jersey? OK, but leave the British GP alone & bring back France #F1

Rumours abound on whether or not the 2013 #USGP at New Jersey is on or off, so is it time to just pull the plug for next year?

F1 costs being what they are a decent element of that is the logistics necessary to cart the circus around, and with the amount of planning that has to go into that we can’t afford to have uncertainty, so should there be a cut off time for a yes or no decision? It is a difficult one because we already have a notional cut off in the announcement of the calendar, but that doesn’t stop a race being cancelled after the publication of the next series. Continue reading


musings on the #F1 #KoreanGP

Korea is behind us again and, from some of the comments on various pundit’s blogs and reports not too many are sad about that. Rightly so perhaps, because Korea does not seem too keen on the race. Continue reading

a grand prix in London is just plain daft #F1 #LondonGP

What is this obsession with city street races? They may have worked well enough into the 1970s, but ground effect and the development of aerodynamics really killed the relevance. Sure Monaco has survived and thrived, but Monaco is Monaco and somehow it still works. Continue reading

Oops! We found some stuff we had forgotten

Whilst having a bit of a clear out we’ve found a couple of lengthy draft posts that we were working on a good while ago and never got around to finishing.

One is on the Ford GT40 at Le Mans and the other is on the Hunt versus Morgan incident in F3 back in 1970. Both are almost done, but are at that stage where there is a bit of detailed research to be completed in order to make sure that we get them as correct as we can manage.

Both have been printed off and we are working on making up a list for each of the things that need to be verified, or taken out.

We will try and get that done in the coming weeks and get both posts published. Apologies if you saw the trailers for these and have been waiting for the outcome.

Weekend round up – 17th June 2012

This weekend saw the Le Mans 24, one of the great races around the world, plus another classic in the IndyCar race on the Milwaukee Mile. Backing that up the NASCAR circus rolled into Michigan, so some good action.

The Milwaukee Mile is probably the one Indy oval that we’d really like to see (besides Indy itself of course). It has history going back to the roadster days and if we ever win that lottery we will be over there.

So to the action: Continue reading

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